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Happy • Things

good music • the slight touch of nostalgia when looking at an old photo or listening to an old song •  bicycles and cycling •  the excitement after buying a new book • books in general • walking barefoot on grass • the smell in the air after a summer rain • concerts of your favourite musicians • reading in bed • the sky right after sunset • getting up early on a day off • laughing until it hurts • being silly with friends • fineliner pens and markers  • bread buns • socks with freaky patterns • feeling understood • graphic novels • stepping out of your comfort zone and being proud afterwards • drawing, designing, sketching, painting • finishing a big project • mountains • hiking • learning new things • sketchbooks • finding something you didn’t know you had lost • postcards • positive documentaries • washing your face in the morning • quotes of your favourite books • well designed fizzy drink bottles • saying thank you • ice cream • nice architecture • urban sketching • drinking ice-cold water gratitude • dancing to your favourite song • spending time with your loved ones • being outdoors • women empowering each other • pretty posters • being excited for the future • being in the forest • flowers •  pretty landscapes • baking • festivals • mornings • summer evenings at the lake • get-togethers with friends • painting in watercolours • makings collages • magazines with informative content • bookshops • second hand shops • second hand bookshops • people who spread positivity • the tiredness after an exciting day • feeling accepted • hugs • happy memories • berry smoothies • trying new recipes • cinemas • making compliments •

List incomplete, think about what makes you happy!

Jule Waibel: Creator of the Unfolded Universe


Jule Waibel ist eine deutsche Designerin mit Ausbildung an dem Royal College of Art London. Die Marke Jule Waibel gründete sie nach Abschluss des Colleges. Ihr Markenzeichen sind gefaltete Objekte.

Jule hat als Künstlerin ihr Material, ihre Technik, ihr Ding gefunden. Dies ist für mich unglaublich inspirierend und faszinierend. An diesen Punkt möchte ich auch ankommen, irgendwann.

Instagram: @jule_waibel